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Commercial projects
Delivering efficient heat pumps for developers to help build desirable living environments

Every year, we provide equipment as well as specification and design support to 100s of new build projects across the country.

When working on a new development, you need to ensure that your heat pump equipment is designed, supplied and supported correctly. Why trust anyone other than the heat pump experts at Freedom?

Housing Associations
Efficient domestic heat pump equipment supplied with exclusive warranties and ongoing support

Working directly with the world’s leading manufacturers of heat pump and refrigeration equipment, Freedom Heat Pumps offer you some of the most efficient, best performing and quietest systems available on the market today.

Provided complete with industry-leading warranties and the service/support that only Freedom Heat Pumps is able to provide, we can help you achieve successful heat pump installations for your housing stock.

Whether you require a single pilot unit or large-scale deployment of 1000s, we can meet your requirements.

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The World's No.1 Manufacturer Of Air Treatment Products

Midea are so confident in their product reliability that they are offering the industry's first 10-year warranty to Mi Pro Elite Installers.

FHP Cloud

Your Midea unit can also be upgraded to include the unique FHP Cloud facility, a browser-based dashboard you can access via a unique web address.

Samsung Heat Pumps
Cutting Edge, Reliable Technology

After entering the market late on, Samsung has grown to become the 2nd highest selling air source heat pump manufacturer in the UK.

Premium Equipment. Incredible Value.

Hitachi is a name synonymous with cutting edge, premium equipment which offers incredible value.

Heat Pump Accessories & Ancillaries For Your Installations

Heat Pump Accessories & Ancillaries For Your Installations

Introducing Homely
The smart choice for Installers

Homely is the only smart thermostat designed specifically for heat pumps.

Designed By Thermodynamic Experts

The Clausius range is designed and manufactured by thermodynamic experts with over thirty years' experience, using the latest scientific research and engineering expertise.

Cylinders & Buffer Tank
Cylinders & Buffer Tanks
Brands include: Strom, Telford & UK Cylinders

We proudly offer a complete range of stainless steel cylinders, pre-plumbed cylinders, twin coil cylinders and buffer tanks. All of these have been specifically designed for heat pump applications, providing mains pressure domestic hot water.

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Freedom Heat Pump Events

Freedom Heat Pumps will always ensure we provide the right equipment from our range of almost 60 different heat pumps from 6 different manufacturers. No single manufacturer can provide a heat pump to suit every project, so it’s important you know that your supplier has your development in mind.

Up to 10-year warranty

Our Midea range of air source heat pumps comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, providing you peace of mind.

Extremely quiet equipment

Time and time again, we are told how quiet the Midea range of air source heat pump equipment is by installation engineers.

Comprehensive heat pump training

To ensure the heat pump is installed correctly first time, every time, we provide comprehensive installer heat pump training.


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Jonathan and Zarina live in a large, detached property with 5 bedrooms in Leeds. They were looking for a renewable energy system that would provide long term reliable hot water and heating throughout their home

RH Plumbing & Heating | Samsung Heat Pump

The customer wanted a renewable energy system that would provide long term reliable heating and hot water throughout their 6 bedroom house and annex

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