Introducing Homely
The smart choice for Installers

Homely is the only smart thermostat designed specifically for heat pumps.

​Why is that important?

Because heat pumps and gas boilers work differently. Other thermostats can work against the heat pump. Cycling it too frequently and making it run in ways that are inefficient, costing the customer money. That doesn’t happen with Homely. Homely isn’t just sending on and off signals. It’s constantly communicating with the heat pump to optimise efficiency and cost savings.

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How Homely Works

1. Homely Learns
2. Homely Is Driven By Data
3. Homely Communicates
Why Homely?
Why it is the Smart Choice for Installers:
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  • One press commissioning for Midea installations
  • No need to set up the weather compensation
  • Peace of mind from supplying the best solution for controlling a heat pump
  • Remotely delivered free of charge training for all new installers
  • Dedicated Installer App with access to error codes and other useful performance data
The real Homely game changer?

Effortless Weather Compensation that’s tailored precisely to the home. Rather than relying on  default settings or onetime calculations, Homely learns about the home, the customer’s preferences and the local weather forecasts and uses these to continually set the Weather Compensation to perfectly match the home.

Optimised flow temperatures mean increased efficiencies, cost savings, a reduced carbon footprint and happy customers.

Homely works via an easy and simple to use a smartphone app

Homely customers could also save over 25% on their heating bills

Did you know? The optional Smart Tariff optimisation service can help customers achieve even more savings by getting the most from Smart Tariffs such as Octopus Go.

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