Chris Higgins


The customer wanted a renewable energy system that would provide long term reliable heating and hot water throughout their 6 bedroom house and annex.


RH Plumbing & Heating had considered various options, but with the size of the project they contacted Freedom. After discussing the project specification the technical team at Freedom provided a number of recommendations.


Following the advice of the technical team at Freedom RH Plumbing & Heating purchased 2x 16Kw Samsung heat pumps, a 400l cylinder and all additional components. Their customer is really pleased with the outcome and the even distribution of heat throughout his property.


‘We really want to thank the Freedom team for their support and helping us throughout this project. It was a challenging job, but the customer was very happy with the installation and the project went really well. We were so happy with the support form Freedom that we are currently working with them again on another project.’
Robin Hewitt
Managing Director

The Challenge

Chris & Karen live in a large, detached property with 5 bedrooms in Leeds. They were looking for a renewable energy system that would provide long term reliable hot water and heating throughout their home.

The Project

Explaining more about the project, Chris told us: “Our existing boiler system needed upgrading and the radiators throughout the house were very dated. We decided to start over again and looked at various options for replacing the existing system, but what we were really interested in doing, was using a renewable energy solution. We were just unsure as to whether we would receive consistent heating and hot water, which is why we then contacted Andy at Heat Pump Doctors, who went through the various heating options and products available.

The Solution

Andy at Heat Pump Doctors contacted Freedom Heat Pumps to discuss the project. Freedom supplied the heat loss calculations and the system design specification and provided Andy with the details of the most appropriate Heat Pumps that would deliver the output required for the project.

Following the advice from Freedom and Andy, the decision was made to use 2x 16Kw Midea heat pumps and a 400l cylinder.

The Outcome

The heating system is a great addition to the couple’s home. “When Andy from heat Pump Doctors showed us the various options we were immediately very impressed - he presented us with the calculations and recommendations for radiator sizing, which provided us with exactly what we wanted in terms of thermal performance, but also the great feeling that comes with knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.”

The Midea Heat Pump not only offers excellent thermal performance, but it is also one of the quietest Heat Pumps on the market, and simple to fit meaning that heating systems such as this one can be completed far faster.

Peace of Mind

Describing how they were also thrilled with their choice of installation company, Chris said: “The team at heat Pump Doctors was excellent and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Within a couple of days of agreeing our system overhaul, they had produced a detailed schedule of work which was adhered to exactly. We were very impressed with them and love the heat pump solution, we are so glad that we chose them for our project.”

Andy from Heat Pump Doctors said: “When Chris & Karen approached us, explaining that they wanted to completely rip out their heating system and wanted to change to a renewable energy solution that would deliver the consistent heating and hot water they need. We knew that Freedom Heat Pumps would provide us with the right solution for the project.

It was a challenging job but Freedom’s technical experience and knowhow is second to none, the support they offer us with installation projects is great, Freedom provides us with the heat loss calculations and system design, based on this they then recommend a number of different Heat Pump options, but the choice of using the Midea Heat Pump was easy, they are simple to install, one of the quietest and most reliable on the market and are good value for money.

Once we made the decision to order the rest was easy, the kit is delivered direct to the customer’s site and Freedom’s technical team are on hand to provide with technical support at any point through the installation. We have worked with Freedom for a long time and we know how valuable their technical support is to our business.”

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