FHP Cloud

For Installers

Two dashboards: one for you, the installer and one for the end user.

The installer dashboard gives you the ability to monitor and manage the performance of the Midea unit through the online application that records actual live data.

Key Benefits of FHP Cloud:

  • Allows you to assess problems remotely – instant technical support eradicating the need to attend the site
  • Provides over the air (OTA) commissioning assistance
  • Instant alerts for faults
  • Remote system performance updates
  •  Service and maintenance logging and reminders


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The beauty of the FHP Cloud technology is that you access the Dashboard on any device anywhere in the world – You just need access to the internet.

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Customer Testimonials

I am finding the portal incredibly useful; we are able to diagnose issues with a great degree of accuracy. An example I can give you is sending one of our electricians with little to no plumbing knowledge to clear a ball filter valve because we could see a gradual drop in flow rate over the course of a couple of weeks. Doing this got us from about 20lpm to about 40lpm. All diagnosed on the app from the comfort of my home.

For home owners

Through the FHP Cloud browser link the end user can manage the temperature of the heating and hot water throughout their home from a mobile phone
The application needs to be connected to the home router via a wireless connection. Thanks to the latest smart technology, FHP Cloud allows a quick overview and live status of the heat pump and the heating in the property, allowing the ability to increase or decrease the temperature as required.

The software continually updates to the latest version and can also provide:

  • Service and maintenance reminders which will make sure that the performance levels of the system are maintained.
  • ​Instant feedback for energy monitoring. Receive an immediate alert if the system is not achieving the expected efficiency.
  • Peace of mind knowing that an installer will be able to access the system remotely and rectify any issues through the installation support dashboard. This removes the organisation of, and waiting time, for an engineer to visit the property
  • Simple visual guide which allows the monitoring of what the system is doing

Thanks to FHP Cloud we can optimise energy consumption, reduce costs, and create the perfect level of comfort for the home.

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