Hot showers and heat pumps

Do I need 60°C water to ensure my shower is going to be hot enough?

A commonly asked question we receive all the time. I recently had a couple of thoughts on this that I’d like to share.

Typically, standard heat pumps output 48°C stored water and, while there are higher temperature heat pumps available, it is fair to say that they make up a smaller amount of heat pump sales compared to their lower temperature, monobloc equivalents.

This week, I’m staying at a beautiful Grade 2 listed property in Lincoln, and in the bathroom they have a neat power shower. I know that you're probably thinking that electric showers are the work of the devil, but I’m just trying to set the scene!

On the shower unit itself, there was a temperature reading for the water. I jumped in and the temperature was set at 38°C, which was perfect for me. Shortly after, my girlfriend boosted it to 40°C. Incredibly, this two degree change made a big difference. The hottest temperature the shower was at today was a sweltering 40°C.

The point I’m trying to make is that water heated and stored at 40°C is going to be more than hot enough for your daily routines - showers, baths and washing your pots included. Just because a fossil fuel boiler is capable of storing water at 60°C doesn’t mean that is the temperature you need at the taps.