An insight into why Freedom has account managers and how they can benefit you and your company!


Account managers are such a big part of what makes Freedom Heat Pumps unique, but it isn’t really something we talk about that often (shame on us 😊). In a world trying to find ways to automate and digitise as much as possible, sometimes it can be nice to know that there is a human to speak to. 

At Freedom Heat Pumps, we see our account managers as an extension of your business; almost like an outsourced pre-sales and technical department. So, think of our team as your in-house… outsourced… heat pump sales support.  

What are the benefits of having an account manager? 

Gone are the days of calling a general phone number and speaking to several people. Here at Freedom Heat Pumps, you will have a dedicated account manager and be provided with their direct line and a personal email. Our account managers thrive on getting to know you and your business needs to help build an excellent relationship, ensuring everything runs smoothly.  

How our account managers get to know your business and provide successful results: 

  • We will take the time to get to know your company, understanding what brand of heat pumps you prefer to install and why. We also take the time to understand what type of projects your company generally undertakes to best advise you on heat pump selections. 
  • We will build you specific install accessory packs to match your install requirements. For example, if you are installing a hybrid system, we will build this pack around the schematic that our technical team will provide. This approach will give you the most suitable products to help you achieve a smooth and successful installation.  
  • We will always update you on any new products we bring into our portfolio by providing you with all the information you could require including technical datasheets and marketing literature.  
  • The heat pump industry is constantly changing so trust us to keep you informed on new developments 

No question is ever a silly question. Our account managers have been trained on our entire product range, and in a lot of cases manufacturers have provided our team with training directly in-house, to help improve their knowledge. So, if you want to know the fine detail about how our glycol improves the lifespan of your heat pump or why our 2 port valves help provide a lower pressure loss than others on the market, just give us a shout. 

What can our account managers help you with? 

  1. While we can check stock levels for you, we can also request more stock if you have a larger project (naturally, we’ll provide you with a lead time for this).  
  2. If you require a quote, don’t worry; we have you covered. Here at Freedom Heat Pumps, we provide project quotations and personalised suggestions based on your projects heat loss and our schematics so that you can achieve a smooth and successful installation. We’ll walk you through the equipment list and offer solutions for the most challenging projects.  
  3. Need a heat loss calculation sorting? If you send us your plans, EPC or SAP report, we will forward them to our tech sales department to have them turned into a heat loss calculation as soon as humanly possible. Once the heat loss has been completed, our technical department will send us a detailed breakdown so we have a complete understanding of the project requirements and be able to arrange a call to discuss the best equipment fit for your installation. At this point, you can ask me any questions so we can provide you with a quotation that delivers exactly what you need. 
  4. Do you simply want someone to vent to? We are here for you! Need to vent because the 150kg heat pump has been delivered, but the only way it’s getting to the backyard is through the house via lifting strap-based brute strength or magical levitation (and you’ve left your wand at home)? We may not always be able to provide a direct solution, but it’s always good to know you have someone to talk to because a problem shared is a problem halved! 

Freedom Heat Pumps Account Managers Values 

At Freedom Heat Pumps, Our Account Managers live by our core value:  

“Going above and beyond to offer the best service and support.” 

Our account managers see this as a vital aspect of meeting customers’ expectations and needs. Freedom heat pump account managers care about their relationships with their customers. It’s within the heart and soul of an account manager to show how they are willing to go above and beyond.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is quote from Nazeing Heating Ltd (one of Steph’s Customers)  

“ I would always come to Freedom. I think you are really great, and I am super grateful for all the support Freedom Heat Pumps provide. I have learnt a lot from the team, and I’m really pleased with the whole process” 

We strive to uphold this quality of service to all our present and future accounts, and we will always look forward and adapt to ensure we are always meeting yours and the industry’s needs! 

How do you contact our Account Management team?  

Do you think having an account manager is something you may benefit from? Please feel free to book a call with our team today using this link: Click Here

They look forward to getting to know you and establishing a strong relationship with you whilst supporting you through all your heat pump project successes! 

Author: Maddy

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