Understanding the importance of using a Heat Loss calculator when installing a Heat Pump


The heat pump must be sized accurately for the unit to work effectively within a property. A heat loss calculation must be completed to industry standards to size a heat pump correctly. Freedom Heat Pump Heat loss calculator has been produced in line with industry standards BS EN12831 & MCS MIS3005.

A heat loss calculation should be the first thing that comes to mind when starting the design process for installing a heat pump. A heat loss calculation determines the amount of heat lost from a building, which will tell you how much is required to maintain a desired comfortable temperature within the property at your design conditions.

An accurate heat loss calculation is the most essential step of the design process to ensure the heat pump has the capacity to support the heating & hot water demand of the property. Undersizing the heat pump system will result in the house not reaching a comfortable temperature for the homeowner when the ambient temperature falls; it will also result in excessive running hours, and overworking the heat pump components, causing higher energy bills and a shorter life span of the heat pump. Oversizing the heat pump system can cause the unit to short-cycle, resulting in wasted energy, increased energy bills, reduced system efficiency and a shorter unit life span.

There are two types of heat loss calculations you can undertake:

  1. Floor-by-floor
  2. Room-by-room

A floor-by-floor can be used to get a rough, quick idea of the heat loss within the property for an indicative of what type of heat pump kW output may be required for the ‘tender stage’ of the project. However, we do not recommend using this calculation for anything other than the initial quote, and this should always be followed up with a room-by-room when the installer has won the project.

A room-by-room Heat loss calculation will provide the most accurate and detailed overview of the property’s total heat loss in kW, providing the installer with the correct specification of the project’s required heat pump. The calculator will detail the outputs needed for the heating in each room whilst running at the desired flow temperature. This allows you to size correctly size the heat emitters within the property.

Larger heat emitters will allow you to lower the design flow temperature of a heat pump system. Reducing the heat pump flow temperature target will increase the SCOP (efficiency) and lead to even cheaper heating bills.

A floor-by-floor from Freedom heat pumps is entirely FREE, and a room-by-room will cost you £100+VAT; however, this will be deducted from your order once placed.

If you would like Freedom Heat Pumps to complete a heat loss calculation for your project, submit a request today by clicking here. For more information, please email hello@freedomhp.co.uk.

Author: Maddy

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