What is the difference between a split and monobloc heat pump?


With a number of different options on the market, it can be difficult to know which type of air source heat pump is right for yours or your client’s project. Split or monobloc heat pumps are just one of those defining factors, and something we are increasingly asked about here at Freedom HP as the demand for renewable heating solutions grows.

The terms ‘split’ and ‘monobloc’ refer to the system type itself.

Monobloc heat pumps

A monobloc heat pump is similar to a boiler in that it is a ‘one block’ system, with all of its components (except the hot water cylinder which is inside the home) inside a single unit that sits outside the home. A Midea 4 Mono is an example of a great monobloc system.

They differ from split heat pumps because the components of the refrigeration cycle are in the outdoor unit. Only water connections need to be made to the back of the heat pump and there will be a wiring centre inside the house or in the outdoor unit for pumps etc. to wire back to.

Because they don’t require someone with F Gas qualifications to get involved with the use of refrigerants, monobloc heat pumps are a great way for heating installers to get involved with these renewable solutions. Through relevant heat pump training courses and with the support of a knowledgeable distributor such as Freedom HP, you can be well on your way to carrying out your own installations.

Benefits of monobloc

  • Easy install

  • All in one box

  • Easy maintenance

Split heat pumps

In comparison, a split heat pump has both an outside unit (incorporating the heat exchanger and refrigerant) and an internal unit (containing circulation pumps, heat exchangers etc.) which is sometimes combined with the hot water cylinder.

Some split systems, such as the Hitachi Yutaki S-Combi, can combine the internal unit and hot water cylinder into one sleek unit.

Benefits of split

  • Can be installed further away from the property (up to 75 meters)

  • No glycol / anti-freeze required

  • Smaller and quieter

Which is right for your project?

Typically, most homes will require a monobloc heat pump. Split systems are an option for more complex installations as they can be installed up to 75 meters away from the home, which gives greater installation flexibility.

With heat pumps set to revolutionise the way we heat our homes, there is no better time to get involved. Give us a call on 02380 274833 or email sales@freedomhp.co.uk to discuss your project and find out how we can support you.

Author: Maddy

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