Heat pump training: Upskilling installers is key to meeting government’s target

Homes across Britain need to become more efficient. That’s why the government has set a target of 600,000 heat pump installations per year to help with its net zero strategy. With such a huge task ahead, heat pump training and education around the systems and their benefits will be key to success.

Why heat pumps?

Gathering heat from a source, typically natural heat from the air or in soil, and transferring it into the home, heat pumps are an eco-friendlier and more efficient alternative to gas boilers. For homeowners, the big draw is the potential savings that can be achieved on heating bills – according to data from the Energy Saving Trust, an air source heat pump can save the average 4-bedroom detached home up to £1,300 per year*.

*Figure depends on the heating system that is being replaced.

What is the challenge?

In mainland Europe, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of heat pumps have been installed in homes. In the UK, however, they’re still very much a minority option when compared to traditional boiler installations.

One of the main dilemmas you can face here in the UK if you look to install a heat pump is that the existing heating system of a home may not be suitable for it. In fact, according to a BEIS report, it was indicated that only 6% of existing heating systems would be suitable for connection to a heat pump without any changes being made. As such, not all installers are prepared to take on their own projects.

Where does training come in?

The increasing demand for heat pumps offers installers significant business opportunities. However, it is important that they feel adequately equipped to take advantage.

As a result, the team at Freedom HP have been developing some of the most straightforward, easy access and engaging training courses, specifically tuned to the top manufacturers in the UK. All courses we offer are broken down into 4 key elements to guarantee a successful install: Design, Specification, Installation & Commissioning.

We help installers learn:

  • How a heat pump works

  • Why you would fit a heat pump

  • How to install a heat pump

  • The different systems available

  • The key selling points of each system

  • How to commission a heat pump

  • How to maintain and service a heat pump

By completing training, installers can be confident in their knowledge and skills to move forward with their customers’ heat pump projects. To find out more about our heat pump training or to sign up, get in touch with the Freedom HP team on 02380 274833 or email sales@freedomhp.co.uk.