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The Mono HT Quiet and Freestyle Projector Promotion

For a limited time only, you will receive a FREE Samsung Freestyle LED Projector when you purchase a Samsung HT Quiet Heat Pump.

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The FREE Gift - A Freestyle Portable LED Projector
Unexpected Joy, Everywhere!

Portable, powerful, yet surprisingly simple. The Freestyle can improvise a screen anywhere you want and it’s flexible stand allows you to adjust the angle by up to 180° in a few easy clicks. A compact design made to fit in your hand, it’s lightweight making it easy to carry wherever you go.

– A small and compact projector that’s powerfully packed and flexible by design. Simply point, and play.
– Take The Freestyle everywhere you go and improvise a screen up to 100″, on any flat surface – from wall, to ceiling.
– Gets the picture right, every time. Sharp image, straight screen, wherever you are. Just turn it on.
– Powerful built-in speaker, for 360-degree audio on the move.
– Experience Samsung Smart TV with no boundaries. Watch what you love, whenever you want, wherever you go.

The Heat Pump - Mono HT Quiet
The High Temperature Heat Pump

A fully-integrated heat pump system designed to provide all year-round comfort. Its stylish dark grey colour seamlessly complements the styling of many modern buildings. Its compact design also has a low profile to fit neatly below a window. The EHS Mono HT Quiet, that can deliver total performance down to minus 25 degrees ambient conditions, as well as high temperature capabilities, and of course, it’s Samsung’s quietest heat pump yet and Quiet Mark certified.

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