What can you expect from Freedom HP when you ask for a quote?

At Freedom Heat Pumps, within the sales team, our day in, day out activities revolve around providing quotations for customers for equipment. So, for those who aren’t familiar with us or how we operate, we thought it may be good to give an insight into what you can expect from us when you ask for a quotation.

1. The Initial Call

Whenever an enquiry comes into us on email, whether it is complete with a set of plans, a heat loss, or a request for a specific piece of equipment, we will always pick up the phone to discuss the project in greater detail. We have around 70+ heat pumps we can access from Samsung and Hitachi to match a whole host of different applications and projects, so this first phone call is really important for us to understand which manufacturer or range of equipment is most relevant.

In order to understand which kit will be most relevant (in most cases) we would be looking to find out:

  • Site Location

  • Emitter Circuit (Radiators, Underfloor etc)

  • Size of Property (We can scale this from drawings)

  • Project Reference

  • Age of Property

  • Insulation Levels or U Values of Property (SAP reports or EPCs are very good here)

  • Number of Bedrooms or Hot Water Requirement

  • Heat Load of Property if known (If a heat load has already been performed)

  • Annual heating bill if known (To calculate run costs and RHI projections if required)

The above list isn’t exhaustive, as things like does the customer have a preference for a single or twin fan heat pump, may also be useful to know. The above information will provide us with just enough to accurately select a heat pump. Ultimately we can work with whatever information you have available, but as with all things, the better the information in, the better and more accurate the information out.

2. The Quotation

Once we have established your requirements, we can then begin to put together the quotation using our web-based quoting software. The quote will consist of 5 sections:

Cover Page

Here we include the project reference together with ours and your contact details.

Project Information

This is where we outline the information used to produce the quote along with why we have selected it. This section may include:

  • A relevant snippet from the original enquiry email

  • Floor plans which have been used as the basis for selection

  • Any completed heat loss calculations

  • RHI Projections if requested

  • Run Cost Calculations, again, if requested

Quote / Equipment List

Here we set out the list of equipment we are quoting for. In many cases, we will quote for one of our full heating and hot water packs, which perfectly compliment the equipment we have selected. Within the quotation, you will find each piece of equipment broken down line by line together with supporting information. You will also find any applicable discounts for the equipment alongside the list price of each piece.

Data Sheets

All major components we offer have supporting datasheets. Whether it is a domestic hot water cylinder or one of the many heat pumps we offer from Samsung or Hitachi, we’ll include the supporting data sheet.

Example System Schematic

Over the past 8 years, we have spent many hours putting together example schematics for all of the system types we offer. All of these schematics are prepared in “plain English” without a blueprint or symbol in sight. A pump looks like the pump we supply, so you know just where it should go. Even at the time of preparing an estimate for your customer you will be as best informed as to what is required within the installation. All schematics also include a direct link to our in-house created respective installation manual for that manufacturer.

Further Information / Before You Go Section

Quite often we have other things we want to make installers aware of. It could be a new product or an event we have planned, so it’s always useful to check this section out as there might be something of interest.

3. The Follow Up

This is arguably the most important part of what we offer. We may have spent hours crafting what we believe to the best quotation together with all of its supporting information, but if you, our customer, doesn’t fully understand everything we put together, it’s all for nothing. This is why we will always endeavour to give you a call the same day we send a quotation to make sure you have received it, and then we’ll arrange a time afterwards to run through the quote once you have had time to review it.

At this point, we can then cover any questions or queries you may have as well provide any other further supporting information in line with your specific requirements.

Here we can also establish timescales to get an understanding of when and how we can provide further assistance. Projects may change over time and so may our approach to specifying equipment. If we can establish approximately when equipment will be required on site, or when a final decision is expected to be made on the equipment required, we can ensure that you receive the most up to date, most relevant and most importantly the best value money solution for you and your customer. We can also use follow up calls to ensure that we can meet any lead times on the equipment to avoid disappointment.

If you would like more information, please do contact us on sales@freedomhp.co.uk or 02380 274 833.