Hot weather causes UK homes to gain heat faster than other European countries

Many of us Brits find the summer heat unbearable at home. A new study by intelligent home climate management company tado° has found the reason for that - as UK homes gain heat much faster than homes in the rest of Europe.

The study, conducted in over 60,000 UK homes in the summer of 2021, found that on a sunny day, with outside temperatures of 30°C, a UK home will increase on average 5°C after 3 hours – more than double the rate of heat gain seen in homes across Western Europe. Homes in Spain and Germany, with the same indoor temperature of 20°C, only gained an average of 2.2°C.

Since UK homes don’t fare well in extreme temperatures, it means Brits suffer more uncomfortable temperatures during heat waves than other European countries. The study also found regional differences, as Scottish homes were the worst performing out of all European homes, heating up on average by 5.6°C compared to 4.7°C in Southern England.

The UK has some of the oldest homes in Europe, which prove difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in. Approximately 38% of its homes were built before 1946, compared to 24% for Germany and Sweden. However, even new build properties risk overheating, as they are often built with high levels of insulation, double glazing and less ventilation.

Christian Deilmann, the co-founder and CPO of tado° also recognises that; “As heat waves become more common, residents will increasingly turn to air conditioning to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.”

As well as providing a great renewable heating solution, heat pumps can also be used for cooling. However, this does require more careful consideration and it is advised that you seek specialist advice when starting a project. To find out how the team at Freedom HP can help, give us a call on 02380 274833 or email