Demand for heat pumps: 57% of homeowners want to be more eco-friendly

In their annual Home Improvement Trends Report, Rated People found that 57% of UK residents want to be more eco-friendly in 2021, with government initiatives like the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) encouraging many to look towards improvements that will make their homes more energy-efficient.

As homeowners begin to shift towards more sustainable lifestyles, the demand for heat pumps is set to rise exponentially. Gathering energy from the ambient air or ground outside a property, heat pumps transfer this into the home through a wet system (such as underfloor heating or radiators) for heating and hot water. Because they require much less power input than conventional boilers, heat pumps are being touted as the ‘heating system of the future’.

Significant savings

For consumers, the big draw of heat pumps will come down to the savings they can offer on heating bills. According to Installer Online, sourcing data from the Energy Saving Trust, an air source heat pump can save the average detached home with four bedrooms up to £1,300 per year*!

*Figure depends on the heating system that is being replaced.

With a greater push towards energy efficiency, the government introduced some incentives to boost the uptake of renewable heating systems. The RHI is just one of those and gives homeowners the chance to balance upfront costs through regular grant payments, with an air source heat pump netting homeowners around £970 annually for the first 7 years. Combined with the reduced energy bill mentioned above, installing an air source heat pump could drum up savings of £2,270 every year.

Growing awareness

UK homes are poised to play a huge part in reducing our carbon footprint. Those who want to make sustainable improvements are no longer limited to solar panels or insulation, and awareness of alternatives, such as heat pumps, is growing by the day.

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