Government reveals plans to boost alternatives to gas boilers

As part of new plans being drawn up by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), boiler manufacturers are set to be under legal obligation to develop alternative products, such as heat pumps, to help with efforts to reach net-zero carbon.

Despite representing a great motivation for manufacturers to get involved with green technologies, the proposals have been criticised by the Energy and Utilities Alliance, with chief executive Mike Foster saying he’d heard them being described as “Soviet-style production planning that prioritises the supply of a product rather than the generation of demand”.

He added, “If this goes ahead, we are potentially going to get the heat pump equivalent of unwanted Lada cars that consumers don’t want and won’t buy”.

While not exactly commonplace on UK roads, the Lada Niva is a brilliant off-road vehicle, which has remained fairly unchanged since it came into production in the 1970s. It’s a thing of rare beauty and should be celebrated! In the same way, the push to reach 600,000 heat pump installations every year from 2028 should be considered a huge step in the drive to eliminate carbon.

There’s no doubt that fossil fuel boilers have played their part in revolutionising the heating sector, but we now need to go further to help reduce household bills while limiting our impact on the environment.

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