Future Homes Standard: Government gets behind heat pumps

After a public consultation over the Future Homes Standard, the Government has committed to a goal of reducing home carbon emissions by 31% through high fabric standards as well as carbon-saving technology.

The document stated that the Government “anticipate that the installation of heat pumps will play a major role in delivering low carbon heat for homes built to the Future Homes Standard.”

What is the Future Homes Standard?

Set for introduction by 2025, the Future Homes Standard is legislation that will require all new build homes to be future proofed with low carbon heating and high energy efficiencies. Homes built to this standard should have 75% - 80% fewer CO2 emissions than those built to current regulations.

This decision, combined with Boris Johnson’s ambitious Ten Point Plan, that included the target of 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028, indicate that the Government feel that heat pumps are to be a main source of heat for homes in the future.

Reducing the carbon footprint of the heating sector has long been hot topic. The UK Energy Research Centre found that it would take the UK 700 years to transition over to a low carbon supply if efforts to do so sooner were not increased, so the announcement is welcome news.

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