Free heat pump consultations

Over at Freedom HP, we love talking heat pumps. We live and breathe this equipment and have done for almost 10 years now. We have heat pumps providing heating for our own houses as well as our showrooms.

With this said, many people don’t realise everything we offer. For many installation companies, we are simply a distribution company who keep equipment on the shelf, so an order placed before 12 pm on day 1 can be on site for AM on day 2. Whilst this is a part of what we offer, it’s only the start of what we can offer.

Heat Loss Calculations

If you send us a set of plans and U values or one of our completed survey sheets, using our own BS EN 12831 software, we can calculate the heat load of a property. We do this for many installers and it’s a service they really appreciate. The less time spent in front of a computer for them is more time installing or selling, which means more cash in the bank. We operate heat loss calculations in 3 stages;

Stage 1

This is for a speculative project, where the end user is just after an indication on equipment required. We will scale off the provided plans and calculate the heat load based on an indicative w/m² for that particular construction of the property. For standard construction builds this works brilliantly. For any properties with a significant amount of glazing or for projects which require a more accurate heat loss calculation, we will move on to stage 2.

Stage 2

This is a floor by floor heat loss calculation which is much quicker to turnaround than a room by room heat loss calculation. In many projects, this will only be 1 or 2% out on the heat load required. Just like in stage 1, we will scale off the provided drawings, or use the data from a survey sheet, EPC or SAP report, but in this stage, we will be much more conscious of the glazing and exact construction of the property. We normally apply this approach when the project looks like it is going to come to fruition or the customer has given an indication that they would like to move forward with the project.

Stage 3

This is a room by room heat loss calculation. We ordinarily reserve a room by room heat loss calculations for projects which are orders to place as they are the most time consuming, but equally the most accurate. If you require a room by room heat loss calculation, but you aren’t sure that the project will turn in to an order, we are more than happy to provide this, but as you can appreciate, it can be expensive for us to put this together, so we charge a refundable £100 to put this together for you. If/when the project becomes an order, we will refund this £100 off the cost of the kit, straight away.

RHI projections

Using a combination of the government’s own calculator and our in house built software, we will put together a report outlining the expected renewable heat incentive your customer can expect to receive. Naturally, the more accurate the information going in, the more accurate the RHI projection will be on the way out. If a recent EPC (post-2012) is available we can use this as the basis for the projection ensuring that you and the customer receive the most accurate information.

Feasibility Reports

In an ideal world, a heat pump can be fitted to all properties in the UK. In reality, there are a significant proportion of properties in the UK which just aren’t suitable in their current state for a heat pump. This could be down to their location (i.e. conservation area), level of insulation, or perhaps even the heating system which is being displaced (i.e. electric storage heaters if the budget can’t allow for a full wet system to be employed). With some basic information on the property, we can help you decide whether a heat pump is suitable. If it isn’t, we may be able to advise on the kind of modification required to the property to bring it back in to heat pump territory. With the sheer breadth of equipment we have in our portfolio, in many cases, we can find a solution for you and your customer, but if we can’t we will be clear and honest to ensure that you aren’t wasting time on a solution which may not end in the installation of a heat pump.

Run Cost Predictions

Heat pump run costs, much like fossil fuel boiler run costs are very much dependant on the usage of the heating system, as well as the lifestyle of the occupants, so providing a 100% accurate indication of the run costs for a heat pump can be difficult. Over the years, however, we have developed different systems and approaches to try and get as close as possible to the run costs a heat pump user can expect. Using the customer’s current oil/LPG usage, their gas bill, or an EPC in conjunction with an understanding of their lifestyle and heating usage we can plot a meaningful run cost prediction for you to pass on to your potential customer.

Payback Period Report

Heat Pumps aren’t cheap pieces of equipment, and in the short term it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. However, with a correctly crafted and constructed payback period report, the cost justification required can be legitimately rationalized. On request, we can put together a report for you to pass on to your customer which will help them not only understand the cost of the equipment, but also the kind of payback that they can expect.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the kind of consultation services we offer, please do contact us on or 02380 274 833