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Arctic Mono R290

Midea is the world’s No.1 manufacturer of air treatment products. Midea is so confident in its product reliability that they are offering the industry’s first 10-year warranty to our customers. M-Thermal Arctic is integrated system that provides space heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water, offering a complete, all-year-round solution which can remove the need for traditional gas or oil boilers, or work together with them.

With the help of all DC inverter technology, R290 M-Thermal Arctic Series reaches the EU Energy Efficiency A+++ Level at 35℃  water temperature,A++ Level at 55 ℃ water temperature. which ensures users get a better experience with a more economical and reasonable cost. The Mono 4kW model produces 35dB(A) sound pressure level at 3 meters thanks to multiple optimisation design, keeping the running noise incredibly low.


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Product CodePhaseOutput (kW) -2/50Dimensions (mm) H x D x WWeight (kg)SCOP (Efficiency) @ 35°CSCOP (Efficiency) @ 50°CMax Temp @ -2 Ambient RefrigerantOn-board Circ PumpSound pressureWarranty Years (Trained Installers)*
MHC-V4W/D2N74.4 717 x 426 x 1299905.073.7975R290Yes 44up to 10*
MHC-V6W/D2N75.8717 x 426 x 1299904.893.8275R290Yes 46up to 10*
MHC-V8W/D2N77.8865 x 523 x 13851175.193.8275R290Yes 48up to 10*
MHC-V10W/DN78.4865 x 523 x 13851175.073.8275R290Yes 49up to 10*
MHC-V12W/D2N711.3865 x 523 x 13851354.673.6275R290Yes 51up to 10*
MHC-V14W/D2N712865 x 523 x 13851354.633.6175R290Yes 52up to 10*
MHC-V16W/D2N712865 x 523 x 13851354.593.5775R290Yes 56up to 10*
MHC-V12W/D2RN711.3865 x 523 x 13851374.673.6275R290Yes 51up to 10*
MHC-V14W/D2RN712865 x 523 x 13851374.633.6175R290Yes 52up to 10*
MHC-V16W/D2RN713.1865 x 523 x 13851374.593.5775R290Yes 56up to 10*
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