UK Cylinders

UK Cylinders
The UK's widest range of heat & buffer cylinder solutions

All UK cylinder heat pump cylinders feature a unique high flow, high gain, full bore coil design which has been  manufacture by UK cylinders with intent to provide superior performance. The FlowCyl heat pump cylinder is fitted with a market leading high efficiency heat exchanger (coil) with a rapid transfer of the low temperature inputs of ground & air source heat pumps.

UK Cylinder range covers : Pre Plumbed, Heat Pump Cylinder, Slimline Pre Plumbed, Heat Pump Slimeline, Heat Pump & Buffer Combined Pre Plumbed, Heat Pump & Buffer Combined, Heat Pump Solar Twin Coil and Heat Pump Horizontal.

Product CodeDescriptionNominal Capacity (L)Weight (kg)Full Weight (kg)Height (mm)Diameter (mm) Heat Pump Coil Surface Area (m2) Standing Heat Loss (kWh/24h)Standing Heat Loss (WATTS)ERP Band
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