A heat pump is an energy-efficient heat source that uses the energy from the ambient air (your garden) or ground outside your property for heating and hot water. By using the energy from the outside or the ground and transferring this heat into the house through a wet system, such as underfloor heating or radiators, a heat pump requires less power input and so is more efficient than conventional boilers.


A heat pump is essentially a big fridge or freezer. If we look at what your fridge or freezer in detail, it uses a refrigerant inside the pipework to suck the heat out of your food. The compressor or refrigerant pump moves the refrigerant around the system so that it can take all the heat and throw it away using a coil on the back of the fridge. Your freezer is using the heat in your food to heat the kitchen. In essence, it is a food to kitchen heat pump. For every 1 kWh of energy input, a heat pump can deliver up to more than 4 kWh in energy output.

This is an energy efficiency ratio of more than 400%, which is far superior to high energy efficient boiler systems. Since conventional boiler systems can only reach an efficiency ratio of up to 95%, they consume more energy than they can ever deliver.


1.) Send us your plans merchant@freedomhp.co.uk and we will design a solution

2.) If you are the installer and it is your first heat pump we will train you. You can find out more about the training we offer HERE

3.) If you are a developer / self build we will put you in touch with a freedom approved installer

4.) We will supply a full package solution, freedom installation manual and handover book

5.) Continuous industry leading technical support pre and post installation


The Samsung EHS Monobloc range is the culmination of years of research in to what an Air Source Heat Pump should be. Simple to install, configure and most importantly use, the EHS Monobloc is the most cost effective solution to the majority of domestic heating needs.

– One of the worlds most recognised brands

– Ideal for plumbers and heating engineers as the systems are water based

– Pre plumbed kits available for fast, trouble free installations

– Now able to provide 65°C water

The Hitachi Yutaki’s wide operating temperature range copes even in extreme weather. The system delivers heat via underfloor heating and low and high temperature radiators, and produces hot water, making it an an ideal boiler replacement.

– Huge range of 30+ units

– Split units are ideal when you would like the unit a long distance from the house (up to 75m)

– Comprehensive internet diagnosis and control

– Monobloc units now able to provide 60°C water

– High Temperature 80°C used to directly replace oil and lpg boilers

Whether you are considering a new build or are upgrading your existing home, the Clausius Heat Pumps range is the first choice for lowering heating bills and reducing your reliance on natural gases.

– Inverter driven ground source heat pumps up to 150kW

– Ideal for larger installations

– Up to 25kW in 1 x single phase unit

– Ground loop sizing service available