Clausius Heat Pumps

Whether you are considering a new build or are upgrading your existing home, the Clausius Heat Pumps range is the first choice for lowering heating bills and reducing your reliance on natural gases.

Clausius Classic

  • Available from 10 – 25kW (Single Phase)
  • Works with a standard heat pump cylinder or a Desuperheater (available up to 500Ltr)
  • Can provide passive and active cooling
  • 7-year warranty

Clausius Elite

  • Available from 10 – 25kW (Single Phase)
  • Contains a 200Ltr Desuperheater cylinder providing an all in one solution.
  • Can provide passive and active cooling
  • 7-year warranty

Clausius Strong

  • Available from 50 – 150kW in one box
  • Can be cascaded to provide heat to large projects, domestic or commercial.

The highest COP on the market reached by an inverter ground source heat pump from 2015, certificated by the Austrian Institute of Technology, according to EN14511.

Alfa Laval asymmetric plate heat exchangers, the most efficient heat exchange technology currently available.

R410A Refrigerant, maximum efficiency with low environmental impact.

Accessibility. New lift opening system (patented) that allows an easy access to all components inside the unit.

Integrated heating, active and passive cooling. Control with passive cooling priority, to obtain maximum efficiency in cooling processes.

All-in-one design and plug & play installation. Circulation pumps, expansion vessels, safety and drain valves integrated in all models. Ready to install.

New control strategies. More efficient, reliable and secure installations.

Online monitoring and inspection. Remote access, preventive maintenance and higher reliability.

Copeland inverter technology and scroll compressors with inverter heat recovery that improves efficiency and reliability.

Carel electronic expansion valve for an accurate control of the refrigerant flow in the evaporator

Wilo high efficiency variable speed pumps (Class A), for an optimum flow control in both brine and heating circuits.

New DHW production system up to 80/85 ºC without electrical heaters (patented system). No specific anti-legionella treatment is required.

Minimum acoustic level. Specific acoustic insulation system for the compressor and the refrigeration module. Use of different insulation materials to attenuate higher frequency ranges.

Easy and compact installation. With an inverter system, the use of buffer tanks is not required, so that the installation is very simple and requires less space, reducing installation and assembly costs.

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