Freedom Heat Pumps Stocking Profile

For September 2019

Every month we will let you know what our stocking profile is for the following month so you are super prepared 🙂 All of this gear is on the shelf for next day delivery

(All outputs at -2/50°C)

RAS-3.0&RWM-3.0 – 6.82kW Split
RAS-4&RWM4.0 – 10kW Split
RAS-6&RWM6.0 – 12.98kW Split
RASM-3VNE – 6.82kW Mono
RASM-4VNE – 10kW Mono
RASM-6VNE – 12.98kW Mono
RAS-4.0&RWH-4.0 – 12.98kW HT
RAS-6.0&RWH-6.0 – 16.37kW HT
RAS-4.0&RWD-4.0-260 – 10kW 260ltr S-Combi
RAS-6.0&RWD-6.0-260 – 12.97kW 260ltr S-Combi
AE050JXYDEH – 4.04kW Mono
AE090JXYDEH – 6.48kW Mono
AE120JXYDEH – 9.21kW Mono
11.42kW Mono

TELPRE200 – 200ltr Samsung PP
TELPRE300 – 300ltr Samsung PP
TEL200 – 200ltr HP Ready
TEL250 – 250ltr HP Ready
TEL300 – 300ltr HP Ready
TEL400 – 400ltr HP Ready
TEL90BUFF – 90ltr HP Buffer