Freedom's New Warranty Offer

Freedom’s New Warranty Offer

It’s April.

A season renowned for change.

New life.

Clocks changing and so on.

With this in mind, we have some very exciting changes to announce this Spring so keep your eyes peeled!

Our first news is that we are launching a brand-new parts and labour warranty to cover all Air Source Heat Pump units bought from us.

Graham Hendra, Director of Freedom Heat Pumps, explained more:

“Warranty is a hot potato in the world of heat pumps. Every company offers different warranties covering various issues and faults leaving installers and consumers in a state of confusion. Freedom Heat Pumps have always been driven by our core values, Sales, Service, and Success. We are a market leader in terms of service and want to reflect this inner warranty offering.”

The new warranty, which is effective from 2nd April 2019, applies to all units that are registered at and have associated address and serial number details provided. If the install has been completed by an installer that is completing their first installation with Freedom, then photos of the installation will also be required.

Sales Director, Chris Higgs, explained more: “Many of our installers want to focus only on the supply and installation of the unit and then take the option of having someone else maintain it through its life. By simply clicking a box Freedom Heat Pumps can ensure the unit is serviced throughout its life. All the unit’s details will be forwarded to one of our maintenance partners who will offer the end user a maintenance agreement going forward. If the installer wants to look after the unit themselves then they also have this option.

The warranty registration gives an automatic 3-year warranty from the date the unit gets to site, this can be extended in years 3 and 5 to make it a full 7-year warranty. We want to check through the unit’s life that it is being looked after and maintained regularly before extending the warranty. Ultimately our focus is on a successful, sustainable renewable opportunity.”

The Freedom Heat Pump warranty will cover all parts and, with £10,000 worth of spare parts stock held in the UK, which will be delivered on a next day service. The labour allowance will be credited to the installers account with an allowance of £50 for site attendance, £50 for replacement of parts and up to £200 allowance for more complicated issues.

Terms and Conditions

This warranty covers the Samsung or Hitachi components only. The warranty does not cover radiators, cylinders, UFH, valves, pumps etc.

Replacement of small parts, printed circuit boards, fan motors, internal water pumps, expansion valves, coils £50 + vat

Larger works where an FGAS engineer is required which includes but is not limited to replacement of compressors, refrigerant leaks, etc £200 + vat

All warranty claimants will also be entitled to a site attendance fee of £50.00 to cover the cost of travelling time and mileage**

Any additional labour charges or travel expenses are NOT covered.

In order to maintain your extended warranty, you will need to have a maintenance agreement in place and ensure that required checks are carried out annually

** One attendance fee per serial number, per month will be accepted. Freedom HP reserves the right to amend the warranty policy procedure without notice.

As with any service Freedom are focused on the install being as successful as possible in the first instance but the new warranty option will go the extra distance to help installers to provide exceptional, life-long service to their clients. If you want any more details about our warranties please contact us.