International Polar Bear Day

Every year you, the average citizen of the UK are responsible for 10 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere. That’s 30kg a day. That’s a lot of CO2.


Everyone is aware that CO2 is the main cause of climate change and everyone knows we all have to change our lives to get this CO2 emission down.


You could argue in the warmest February for years that climate change is quite nice, it’s a lovely day today at 20 degrees C, it seems like a distant memory when winters used to be cold. If you asked Polar bears, they would probably disagree. Give a thought to those little fellas today on International Polar bear day.


What BIG change are you going to do to reduce your CO2 output? David Mackay author of sustainability without the hot air once said, “if everyone does a little, we achieve a little”


Buy an electric car, take the bus, improve your heating system before the government forces you to. 25% of your CO2 emission comes from heating your house. Not a bad place to start.


Next time you see that polar bear on the TV standing on a small cube of ice you can say, don’t worry little fella, I’ve got you.