Brand New For 2019 Generation 2 Freedom Heat Loss Calculator

The new Freedom Heat Pumps MCS heat loss calculator for 2019 is a major improvement over the award winning 2017 and 18 version.


It is the only heat loss calculator in the UK which is capable of sizing the house, the cylinders, radiators, underfloor heating and selecting a heat pump from a range of over 100 units from 3 of the main manufacturers of air source heat pump kit.


On top of that it does all your MCS forms, sound tests and certificates.


For the first time ever we are not sending this out free of charge. If you are a customer of Freedom heat pumps email us here or call our team on 02380 274 833 and we will send you a copy.


If you are thinking about becoming a customer get in touch and send us a set of plans, we will do the heat loss for you and send it over so you can see what this software can do.


If you don’t want to be a customer but are still curious what an award winning heat loss looks like we can send you a copy for £250+ vat