Price Match Service & Successful Install Promise

If you have landed here from our recent mailshot, welcome to Freedom

Freedom Heat Pumps has always been a service based business. We pride ourselves on the service and support we offer. In order to provide this service, we employ some of the brightest, dedicated people in the industry, and with the costs associated with those people and two showrooms to support, that level of service has to come at a cost.

With this said, we completely accept that some companies don’t require that level of service and support, and perhaps infact have their own showroom, so will never need the use of ours for their customers.

With all of this in mind, we are more than happy to look at any pricing you have for equivalent Samsung or Hitachi equipment, or in fact any heat pump pricing, to see if we can get to the price you need us to be at. We don’t make huge margins on our equipment, but if it means we can engage with another air source heat pump installer, we will try our hardest to get down to the price point you need us at.

In regard to our successful install promise, we have and always will, work as hard as possible to ensure that your installation of our equipment is as hassle free and as straightforward as humanly possible. You can be confident about this as the installation manuals we produce and the training we provide is some of the best in the country, and coupled together with our dedicated technical support team, you never have to worry that you will be left stranded without a solution to the problem you may have on site. Installers who continue to work with us, and may have done for many years, trust our expertise. We are incredibly selective on the equipment which makes up our packs, as well as the manufacturers we work with, hence why we don’t supply every MCS heat pump available. We could do, and in doing so we may access a broader range of installation engineers, but as it would be impossible to know every heat pump inside out, we pick and choose equipment which we know and trust.

We hope that after taking the time to read this short piece from ourselves at Freedom HP, you’ll take another moment to engage with us and perhaps ask for more information on the kit we provide, or even a price for a project you are currently working on. We are all really friendly people over here, so you are always welcome to send an email to or phone us on 02380 274833

Thank you very much for your time. Freedom HP