Heat Pumps: Do They Really Make A Difference?

Q: Do heat pumps really make any difference?


We started Freedom Heat Pumps in 2010 in a world where reducing carbon dioxide really mattered.


Since 2010 my team have sold about 6,000 heat pumps, that’s a total of 75MW of heating suppled and fitted. Every heat pump we sell can save 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per year, if they are put in instead of a boiler. That means in 2018 alone, those units saves 28,200 tonnes of CO2.


But some units have been in for many years, some have been saving carbon for 6 years, some 5 etc. assuming 1,000 a year have gone in over the last 6 years that equates to 10,000 heat pump years.

If everyone saves 4.7 tonnes of Co2 a year, that’s 50,000 tonnes or 50 million kgs of CO2 saved since we started. That’s equivalent to driving a standard car to the sun and back.


Not bad for a bunch of chancers from Chandlers Ford!


What have you done to reduce CO2 today? Isn’t it time you did your bit?