Brand New for the 2018 Heating Season…. Hitachi BRT (Boiler Replacement Technology)

January Special Offer! Save up to 40% off the retail price of a Hitachi High Temperature BRT
RAS4/RWH4 (12.74kW at -2/65) – Retail £6,514.20 – Buy Now For £4,000.00 + vat
Heat pumps are the most fantastic pieces of equipment, and suit so many different applications. One application type which has forever eluded the seasoned heat pump installer is a specific type of retro fit install which ironically makes up the vast majority of UK housing stock.
This specific retro fit install is known in the wild as the “ultimate fossil fuel boiler swap out”. Up until recently there were very few alternatives to a traditional fossil fuel boiler. That is until now….
Welcome to High Temperature Freedom
NO Radiator Changes!
NO Domestic Hot Water Cylinder Change!
NO Glycol!
NO Fossil Fuel Deliveries!
What does this mean to you as an installer?
QUICK Installation
EASY System Selection
But Most Importantly….
How Much Does It All Cost?
RWH4 (Indoor Unit) + RAS4 (Outdoor Unit) + Bits = £6,000.00 + vat and a couple of days fitting by an installer
Suitable for an upto 300m² New build* or 200m² Retro Fit [Subject to heat loss calc]
With oil prices at a 4 year high, there is no better time than now to be looking at the UK’s only true like for like ASHP boiler replacement.

If we swap over to a heat pump, that same kWh of oil heating energy will cost the consumer 3.98 pence.
This is a Fuel Cost saving of 37%! Over a period of 15 years (the approx. lifespan of the HP) that will provide a net gain to the customer of around £7,830!
On top of all of this, the end user may also benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which could provide them around £1,400 per annum for a whole 7 Years! A whopping £9,800 in total!
So, for a roughly £7,500 investment, a previously oil loving consumer could be netting themselves £10,130 over the next 15 years…. Thats £675.00 a year… or 1 month free mortgage payment! (Average from The Halifax)
Contact the team at Freedom HP for more info or to place an order ( – 02380 274 833)