World Class Heat Pump Training

Freedom Heat Pumps have long been associated with solid technical and sales support. From when a customer first enquires with us through to their 100th heat pump installation, we are always available on the end of the phone, or via email, and always will be. It’s what we love doing, and we have no intention to change this anytime soon.

With all of that said, we have been crunching some numbers, and we feel like there may be more we can do to help…

Over the past 6 years we have spent countless hours crafting our manuals, calculators and tools in to the very useful and relevant documents and sheets you can access today from our website.
For the vast majority of installation engineers, this approach works perfectly.

Installer logs an enquiry with FHP->
FHP put together quotation for relevant installation package->
Schematics and installation literature sent to installer ->
Any Installation Questions and Concerns Addressed prior to point of order->
Remote Technical Support Provided On Site If Required….

All of this leads to a happy customer

However, after crunching numbers during the current heating season, we’ve come to the conclusion that installation engineers who don’t access our tech support directly, they are twice as likely to have technical queries during installation and setup than if you receive the Freedom all encompassing support from day one.

Unfortunately, as brilliant as our installation manual, and other tools, are, new / inexperienced heat pump installers require a much more holistic support structure.

What’s the solution?


We would like to invite every installer who buys from a third party (merchants, resellers etc) to join us for training. During our single day training course, we highlight the common problems installers are likely to see when they set the units up together with ensuring that installers understand which components we supply as part of our installation packs and why we supply them. As a helpful side benefit, we also run through the warranty registration procedure to ensure that all installed equipment is eligible for it’s maximum warranty period.
The training takes just a single day, and in our experience we reckon that it can save many days of additional labour for new installations.
For £125 + vat, we think this is incredible value!
We have recently opened a brand new training facility / showroom in the North West area of Buckshaw Village to complement our existing facility in Southampton.
You can find out when our next training dates are by following us on social media (links below), or visiting
Freedom Heat Pumps Training on the FHP website and completing the booking form at the bottom of the page.

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As we write this, our next heat pump training day is on the 16th of January in Chorley, Lancashire. Why not book on and we’ll see you there. Places are limited so book quickly.

Alternatively, if you can’t make the 16th of January, we would love to see you at our open event on the 1st or 2nd of February between 12pm and 2pm. Click Here for more info