Renewable Heat Incentive

2019. Year of the Heat Pump? The Renewable Heat Incentive and all you need to know.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) represents an unbelievable opportunity for both residential and commercial property owners to upgrade their heating systems for FREE. For the un-initiated, the RHI (renewable heat incentive) is really straightforward: For every kWh of renewable energy you use to heat your property and domestic hot water, the government will pay you back.

An Air Source Heat Pump is categorised as a renewable energy source by the Energy Saving Trust. And rightly so! An Air source Heat Pump represents an incredible way of introducing renewable energy into many domestic properties. At the time of writing (December 2018) this rate is 10.49 pence/kWh for domestic properties.

How it all works

An average heat pump is 350% efficiency. This means that 72% of the heat used in your property will be from the Heat Pump. The rest will be from the grid. In the case of an air source heat pump, the renewable part comes from the air around the heat pump.

Freedom Heat Pumps have been delivering this technology for over 10 years and with our expertise we can help any property owner calculate energy efficiencies. Not only does this represent an excellent opportunity to make some cost savings but also leave you safe in the knowledge that your building is being heated efficiently.

So, how does a heat pump install become FREE?  

Easy! A property can earn anything up to £10,500 through the Renewable Heat Incentive over 7 years. With the average price for a single heat pump install being around £10,500, that puts the net cost of the overall supply and install at ZERO. Completely FREE.

The government have a brilliant calculator online which showcases accurate RHI monies. Check it out here:

Commercial Property 

What if you have a commercial building or premises you would like heating with a heat pump? Well, the government have thought of this. There is also the Non Domestic RHI. It works just like the Domestic RHI (every renewable kWh is paid back at 2.69pence per kWh), but you will need a couple of meters and it’s paid over 20 years.


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For more information on the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive follow this link: