Air Source Heat Pumps, How Good Are They?

How good is an Air Source Heat Pump? How much money can it save me?

The two most popular questions from our customers. TV adverts, word of mouth and online adverts all promise that Heat Pumps will offer an awesome heating solution. But what they really want to know is, is it right for them?


The first thing to look at is the financials and see if this technology works for you. If you need a new heating system the table below gives some idea of how heat pumps stack up against having a boiler fitted.

It’s also worth noting that Air Source Heat Pumps get a government subsidy called RHI to help you “choose a renewable” it has quite a dramatic effect.



Cost to Install System Estimated Run Cost per Annum (Heat Pump) Estimated Run Cost per Annum (Natural Gas) Estimated RHI for HP per Annum Life Cost for HP Over 9 Years Life Cost for Boiler Over 9 Years CO2 Savings KG v.s Gas
Samsung 5kW mono £6,500 £567 £606 £856 £5,610 £8,953 835
Samsung 9kW mono £9,000 £801 £878 £1,240 £7,528 £11,397 1,270
Samsung 12kW mono £12,000 £1,087 £1,181 £1,452 £11,614 £14,133 1,683
Samsung 16kW mono £13,000 £1,363 £1,427 £1,419 £15,331 £16,347 1,886
Hitachi Split 2.0 £7,500 £564 £651 £960 £5,855 £9,363 1,035
Hitachi Split 3.0 £8,000 £847 £915 £1,281 £6,656 £11,738 1,289
Hitachi Split 4.0 £10,000 £1,057 £1,269 £1,523 £8,847 £14,924 2,139
Hitachi Split 6.0 £13,000 £1,538 £1,601 £ 1,412.38 £16,951 £17,910 2,089
Hitachi S80 HT 6.0 £16,000 £1,816 £1,988 £1,446 £22,215 £21,392 2,872
Hitachi Split 8.0 £18,000 £1,882 £2,021 £1,432 £24,913 £22,688 2,811
Hitachi Split 10.0 £18,000 £2,184 £2,268 £1,406 £27,816 £24,912 2,941

As you can see from the table the savings are considerable and all Heat Pump options represent a good opportunity to come ‘off grid’ and begin making household savings. 


The only question to ask yourself is can you house an Air Source Heat Pump in the Garden and the internal unit somewhere in the house? If the answer is yes then a Heat Pump is most certainly a great choice for you.


The only other question to ask is how willing are you to want to adopt change? Gas and Oil will be gone by 2050 as a form of heating. Early adoption of technology is a brave choice but absolutely necessary in order to tackle are Green Agenda.

If you are interested in the savings a Heat Pump could offer then please contact us. We will then pass your enquiry to one of our trusted Freedom Elite Installers who will come and see you to demonstrate how our technology could help you to reduce your Carbon footprint.