Every Little Helps Freddy Our Polar Bear?

At Freedom, we genuinely care about global warming and are working hard to reduce carbon everywhere we can.

This month we’ve adopted a Polar bear because, as a species, they clearly represent to us the issues global warming is causing our planet.

But we have a holistic approach to carbon reduction which extends beyond just selling heat pumps (each of which will go on to save an average of 2 tonnes of Co2 per year).


For example, our MD Graham has a log burner at home and he doesn’t buy kiln dried logs shipped halfway across the world. He’s all about making a difference.

He’s been cutting down trees and bushes in his garden and using the cuttings in the burner. This really is a local production. No CO2 produced from cutting down, transport or drying wood. Just chop down, put in a pile and carry the wood inside.

This also works perfectly to reduce his heat pump demand, by further reducing the electricity used and CO2 produced in the power station.

Now you could say “doesn’t using a wood burner put CO2 into the atmosphere?” of course it does, but…. Trees grow using solar power and absorb CO2.

They are like little wooden CO2 batteries. If they die or you chop them down, the wood rots or is burnt, releasing all the CO2 back into the atmosphere. This way, the net CO2 output is always 0.

As they say “every little helps” and Freddy our polar bear gets a little bit more ice to stand on for another day.

Don’t worry little fella, we’ve got ya!


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