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Goodbye To The Self-Assembly Model

In the old days if you wanted a car you would have gone to buy an engine, a chassis , wheels and an interior all from separate suppliers. You would then get an engineer to assemble it into a complete car, it would have been a one off and you would have been happy.

Henry ford came along with a crazy idea that he would do all this for you and sell you a complete product all finished. Fast forward to today and almost all cars are bought as a complete vehicle with kit cars make up a tiny portion of the market.

When heat pumps were first introduced the manufacturers decided that Henry Ford had got it all wrong. What a heating engineer wanted to do was build high cost systems bespoke for every job.

After 15 years of bespoke systems our industry has finally had an epiphany, they should produce assembled product.

We found this out ourselves a few years ago, but we have always been ahead of the curve.

Most of the success we at Freedom HP have had with Samsung heat pumps can be attributed to the fact that we have made kits that make the installation process easy. Most of the wiring, setup and plumbing is done for you, all you have to do is connect up the 2 parts of the system. The current market for heat pumps is rapidly moving, from a huge pile of parts arriving which need to be assembled on site by a heating engineer, too much simpler packaged systems which need connecting up quickly and easily, which is great for keeping costs low. Keep an eye out for all the new systems on the market which now appear as complete packages.

Over the next year or so we predict that the packaged, easy to install system will completely take over from the bespoke self-assembly model.

So what do we do to keep ahead of the curve again?

A pre-built hybrid heat pump. Freedom HPs combi-boiler heat pump hybrid is installed in just 2 boxes. Both located outside the house and it can be fitted to ANY heating system in a day.

Its cheap to do, easy to set up and its going to be a world beater.

You heard it here first!