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Can we do more to protect our planet?

We’ve all heard of global warming but have you ever considered how much you are contributing and how you could do your bit to save our planet?

There are nearly 7 billion people of earth, if we evenly distributed all the energy used, each one of us would be responsible for a constant 2.3kW draw, that’s the equivalent to using 5.5litres of oil every day! 82% of this energy use is from burning fossil fuel.

In the UK we are not average consumers, with our cold conditions we can use up to 3 times this figure. So that’s 16.5 litres of oil a day.

So what can we do to help?

We could all sit around in the dark heating our houses with dung fires but this isn’t likely to catch on, so we need to think about how to reduce our climatic impact without impacting our lifestyle. The major uses of energy that we can control are heating and travel. Although Travel is much harder to reduce as a nation, we already have the technology to reduce our heating impact today!

So what can we do about heating?

The obvious starting point is to increase your insulation as much as possible and reduce drafts. Then you could invest in an efficient heating system, there are many options that could fit the bill here but we genuinely think heat pumps are the best solution.

Modern heat pumps can now be installed without the need to take out your entire old heating system. Retrofitting with high temperature systems means a simple swap for an old boiler.

These systems quite literally give you a warm and fuzzy feeling!

You are doing what you can to reduce your impact, you feel all nice and “green” and when a polar bear looks out at you from the TV screen, all doey eyed, you can think.

I’m with you my friend XD.

I’m part of the solution.

Side note: Freedom Heat Pump have just adopted a polar bear through WWF

If you’re interested in adopting a polar bear you can find more information here.

Meet Our Polar Bear, Freddy