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Sales, Service, Success; Why you should work with Freedom Heat Pumps

Sales, Service, Success, we are not about dropping a box on your doorstep and letting you get on with it!

Heat pumps are widely used in new build properties. Thanks to their green credibilities they improve SAP figures hugely and make planning permission easy to achieve. The issue is many developers don’t realise the potential issues that could arise from Heat Pump installation. How do they effect the house? What issues should developers watch out for? 

A heat pump is a simple replacement for a normal boiler, but it differs in a couple of ways, the first is the boiler part which looks identical to an air conditioner and sits on the outside of the house. The second point is there is no such thing as a “combi heat pump”, so we always have to have a hot water cylinder for hot water. This takes up space but ensures that Hot Water is always available. Finally,  it doesn’t burn anything or use any fuel of any description, there is no risk from carbon dioxide.

When it comes to system design, contrary to widespread belief, heat pumps work fine with radiator and underfloor heating systems or a combination of both. If the customer wants internet control, towel rails, pool heating etc. all of this is achievable. Contact us for any technical information

In terms of system design, layout and instructions, all we need is a floor plan of the building and an indication of the materials used for the walls, floors, ceilings and windows. From this we can calculate the Heat Pump Unit required for the job and the necessary heat emitters. We even design the underfloor heating for you.

When it comes to the design and installation we have got you covered. Beware though, the problems usually arise once the new homeowner moves in. Here are a few tips to make life easy and avoid potential problems;

Scenario; You’ve just bought your fabulous new house, you move in on day one and the house is cold, there is no hot water, no instructions, no one to call and a funny box in the garden which you don’t understand. Once you find your ridiculously complicated underfloor heating controls, you switch it all on and it appears nothing happens. It takes 2 days to warm up and you start to lose faith in your heating system. This happens with a lot of the units that have been installed in new builds where the owner hasn’t been a part of the process.

It’s all about handing the system over, a good handover makes a good system.

So, here’s some advice to help your new home owner and make everyone’s life simple:

  • Two days before they move in, go and turn all the underfloor heating on and the radiators, set the temperatures high (we would recommend 23 degrees). This will give the homeowner the warm fuzzy feeling of well, a home! It also shows the capabilities of the system. 
  • Make sure a copy of our Freedom heat pumps homeowner handover pack is easy to find. In this pack, we explain how to use the heating system and even point them to a video you can find it online by searching “freedom heat pumps handover.”
  • Ask  your underfloor heating installer to do a video showing how to drive the underfloor heating thermostats as these can be horribly difficult to use. If in doubt, go for simple stats, let the homeowner chose more complex stats later.
  • Underfloor takes a while to get going, it’s not like a radiator, if you turn your underfloor heating on there is a lag and it can take a couple of days to get the house up to temperature, especially if the house is very cold when you first turn it on.
  • Make your heat pump is running efficiently, let it tick over all the time, don’t turn it on and off this is not an effective way of using your Heat Pump.
  • End users never understand that the run cost of the system is seasonal, in a typical 4 bed house a run cost of £1200 a year is normal. But it’s not £100 a month, in January the bill can easily be £250, in August it should be close to zero (due to the heating being off) make sure they understand this.

Freedom heat pumps will design your system, train your installers and plumbers and makes sure all the right kit is delivered. We will always be there to support you and your team on site and your customer after installation. Our motto is Sales, Service, Success, we are not about dropping a box on your doorstep and letting you get on with it!

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